Förvara - UK Distributor of Stylish Homewares

Distributor of Stylish Homewares

About Us

Förvara is a UK based distributor specialising in the supply of design-led homeware product into the European retail marketplace.

Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Förvara is UK based distributor, designer and manufacturer of homeware products.

Many of our products incorporate stylish storage and organisational themes and our origins are in Scandinavia, hence the name Förvara which means to store or keep in Swedish.

Where We Are

Our headquarters and main UK distribution centre are located in North Wales where we currently hold over 1,200 pallets of stock across our range.

In 2017 we acquired additional distribution space located in Oxfordshire in order to satisfy our customer's increasing purchase requirements.

What We Do

Whether you’re a buyer representing a multiple retailer or a small independent shop, our sales team is here to help.

Our specialist B2B design team is well-versed in the supply of shelving and storage products into both domestic and commercial environments.

Ideal for everything from wardrobes to libraries, retail stockrooms, offices and hospitals, our range is used by architects & interior designers, NHS trusts, developers and local authorities, etc.


Modular Swedish Shelving & Storage Solutions

This unique modular storage system is designed and made in Sweden and distributed from our UK warehouse.

Förvara supplies Elfa into many sectors, including KBB retailers, interior designers and homeware stores.

We also supply the B2B marketplace designing and supplying systems for construction cos, architects, library and stockroom projects, offices, hospitals and local authorities as well as MOD and other specialist customers.

Contact: Rick Thomas
Email: rick@forvara.co.uk




Officially Licensed LEGO Homewares

Förvara represents LEGO's interests as distributor of the LEGO Storage and LEGO Lunch ranges as well as other LEGO licensed homeware products across UK and beyond.

Not just for kids and toy stores, we distribute this famous brand's homeware inspired products into cookshops, department stores, gift shops, design-led homeware retailers as well as supplying educational establishments etc.

Contact: Mike Thompson
Email: mike@forvara.co.uk




Stylish Japanese Homewares

Stylish homeware with a Scandi twist is perhaps what best describes the Yamazaki brand. With a sizeable range and spread of products across kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage, hallway and small furniture, Yamazaki products can be found in small gift shops and national / multiple retail stores. We're even in New York's MOMA shop.

Contact: Simon Glanville
Email: simon@forvara.co.uk




Stacking Storage Drawers

All the way from sunny California, our range of crystal clear Shoebby storage boxes including the (almost!) famous shoe drawers have been purchased in their millions worldwide.

Purchased by fashion and homeware retailers, the range really stands apart from it’s imitators

Contact: Denise Miller
Email: denise@forvara.co.uk



BIGSO Box of Sweden

Stylish Storage Boxes

Known across the globe for their stylish storage boxes, family owned BIGSO have been creating sustainable storage solutions for the home and office since 1963.

Choose from hundreds of designs in paper laminate, fiberboard, wood paper laminate and soft storage.

Contact: Nia Kirkham
Email: nia@forvara.co.uk

BIGSO Box of Sweden

BIGSO Box of Sweden

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